All Over – Tiwa Savage

Marvin Records Afro pop singer, Tiwa Savage returns with an enchanting love song titled “All Over”. The song is quite captivating. The lyrics aren’t that complex but requires one would think deep as the statements in the song seem to have connotative meaning to them. The beats are the usual soft Nigerian groovy beats which is nice. The direct message from the lyrics expresses love for a loved one. It describes all the anticipation and anxiety that comes from being in love. It Describes how love can make one do outrageous things. She likens her love to that of Romeo & Juliet putting the title of the famous Shakespearean love story in its reverse (Juliet & Romeo).

This would appeal to Shakespearean lovers as she uses her music, speaking in Nigerian broken English to describe a kind of love that most people will feel is only restricted to Whites.

All Over – Tiwa Savage

The song has lyrics that express love in a subtle way. Tiwa’s word choices in this song are mild. The song doesn’t include vulgar words that are offensive or have negative influence on the younger generation. That, I would really consider thoughtful of Tiwa considering that most songs that are released nowadays are so filled with vulgar words, phrases and sentences that can corrupt ones hearing not to mention contamination of ones thought pattern when listening to such songs as the case may be.

This song is a banger though and has been making serious waves, feel free to download here, use button above.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 8

Lyrics: 8

Vocals: 9

Production: 9

Overall Rating: 9

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