I Am Healed – Oleesa Isaac @oleesa_isaac

I Am Healed – Oleesa Isaac @oleesa_isaac

I Am Healed – Oleesa Isaac. This song of healing through the personal experience of this minister of God will fuel your hope for divine healing especially if you are in dire need of God’s healing touch.

God has promised us healing and minister Oleesa Isaac brings this consciousness to us in this beautiful single where he also shared his personal testimony

Oleesa shares:

This new single is titled I AM HEALED. There are songs you only hear in prayer, in the spirit. This song initially started as a chorus, “Heal me now, heal me now,” I was having a flu one day in school and then my roomies where telling me to go buy drugs or go to the school hospital, I did not have the money to do all of that, I climbed on my bed bent my face down and prayed and then it started, “a cry from my heart, Father, heal me now,”  I woke up the next morning with no symptom, no illness, bubbling full of life, and then I knew there was something about a heart cry, this was four years ago, Years of learning and teaching and studying of the word, I realized that we do not need to say ”Heal me now…

The song is produced by IBK, mixed and mastered by Mr Wols.

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My Rating on the song (1-10)

Beat: 8

Lyrics: 8

Vocals: 9

Production: 8

Overall Rating: 8

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Credits: Naija Gospel World.

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