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Naija Mixtape: Sess – PRBLM (Instrumental Mixtape) - JUKEBOX |

Naija Mixtape: Sess – PRBLM (Instrumental Mixtape)

Sess – PRBLM (Instrumental Mixtape)

Sess – PRBLM: These beats represent the elements that have directly and indirectly contributed to Sess’s entrance into the the Music World. These beats were made at the inception of his career as a Music Producer.

Inspired by different ‘Life elements, As Sess draws his inspiration from the scenery that surrounds him, Horns from cars, “the clattering percussion of objects striking the walls and the shutters, flowing motion of water, the wind against a barrier etc. Music is everywhere and it just takes a beautiful mind like mine to connect with it. This Mixtape was inspired by Life, Earth and Her Elements!

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Please Enjoy.”
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