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Aboye – Tonye (Audio)

Aboye – Tonye

Beautiful singer Tonye releases song Aboye. But, like I would always say, some songs should not see the light of day. When Tonye says;

‘Aboye…. Me love the way you do me like that’,

What does that even mean? It’s vague. What do you expect your listeners to think when they listen to your song. What do you hope to inspire in them. What would you have them think. Or have we become so sort after fame, fortune and wealth that we would lay hold on anything just to attain these.
This song is not so pointless but depending on the motive and the target audience. I comprehend the thought that she wants to express her emotional state with her partner, spouse or lover but to what aim do you share your private sexual passion with the outside world? This might only go to provoke thoughts of sexual competition in its listeners. Sex is a sacred act/art of love making that should be confined in the walls of matrimony. It’s not something to be belittled and thrown bare to be trampled upon simply to gain excitement and ignorant pleasures.
The lyrics are shallow. The song seems to lack real expression as the only overshadowing word is ‘ABOYE’, maybe that’s what Tonye wanted to sell. Market her brand ‘ABOYE’. That way she can have her fans echoing her very creation.

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Her album cover photo is captivating. It urges one to want to listen to the track thinking you might just get beyond what is in the song. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. The beats are cool but not new or anything out of this world. She wouldn’t need to stress much to produce this song. It’s just your usual everyday stuff that we hear. Nothing new.
Well, that’s just my thoughts.
My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 4
Lyrics: 1
Vocals: 3
Production: 6
Overall Rating: 3.2

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