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All My Ladies – Timaya (Audio)

All My Ladies – Timaya

All my ladies by Timaya is a song that is assumed to have been leaked in its unfinished state. I really do feel its a pointless shallow groove but with good dance beats though. Give me another day to live and this song won’t live to see the light of day.

As I listen to this song I realize how we cover up ourselves with so much distraction thinking that a few ass shaking and booty dropping is the mere remedy for life’s aches.

Timaya a transformed and refined singer who began from grass singing his well known songs Dem Mama, Ogologomma from his first album True Story, songs that depicted liberty, freedom, truth, religion, justice etc and indeed spoke about true stories like the title implies; rising to the stars as graced now sings only songs that can’t live beyond night clubs and brothels.

I am tempted to ask, what was running through his mind when he thought about the song and began to pen it on paper? What inspired the song? Most people are inspired by nature, love, fairness, justice etc, but listening to this song, I feel he depicts just sex (raw, plane and meaningless). Belittling the very act that is meant to be sacred in holy matrimony.

Where did we miss it? What did we do wrong? How did we get this off course? But then is Timaya singing what he would want to sing or he sings what the people want?

Well, these are simply thoughts of a maiden in the pursuit of life’s true meaning. But if your heart is set on things that easily fade away and have no depth, things that can grant temporal bliss, then this is the perfect beat to make you just move.

This is what my mind speaks, if you have a different opinion, leave it in the comment area. I’m out.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats:                   8

Lyrics:                  1

Vocals:                 1

Production:        7

Overall Rating:  5

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