Ariana (Bokor) – Vibe Squade

Ariana (Bokor) – Vibe Squade

In a time like this where African music is receiving global attention, a lot is desired to be said about the group Vibe Squad, who were among a handful of artist spearheading the struggle to put Afrobeats on the map.

Vibe Squad are known to have made major contributions to the rise of Afrobeats music in the UK. Having released a trail of bangers including “Come Over”, “Drop”, “Craze” “Sound Dem” etc and featured artist like Fuse ODG, Donaeo, StoneBwoy and Randy Valentine.

The Duo who were once a trio have collaborated with their former friend and group member DeeVS to bring you an ultimate banger entitled “Ariana (Bokor)”.

Ariana (Bokor) produced by fast rising UK superstar MikePro and mastered by Stino, is an Uptempo song with melodious African percussions, thumping baseline accompanied by a resonating guitar lead setting the mood for crazy dancing. The song is about Ariana, a materialistic and disrespectful lover who Vibe Squad have finally become fed up with and want to leave. The construction and story telling skills of the artists accompanied by its danceable synths is what makes this song extraordinary.

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