Baby Answer – Iyanya @Iyanya (Audio)

Baby Answer – Iyanya

Baby Answer is one of the songs in the recently debut Signature EP from Iyanya. And this song is more than fabulous.

Last year, Iyanya got signed by Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy and a lot of people had their own opinion on whether the decision was good or bad. I for one have always maintained that it was a good decision. I mean, must every artiste have his own record label? You can do that at a time when you want to retire but mehn, but at the peak of your career it is okay for others to worry about the management of things, especially a management like Don Jazzy’s.Baby Answer - Iyanya

Back to the song; when I first listened, I had this chill all over my body. It made me feel mushi mushi, like I was a teenager falling in love again. That feeling you just can’t explain (I know you understand).

Iyanya’s voice is just so soothing. I can pledge to listen to that voice all my life and not get tired. The way he gushes about his ‘baby’ in this love song got me tripping. Chai, if a man can sing my praises like that, see the good side of me, I will be going nowhere.

He calls her his super woman, says she’s always there, so reliable, she always answers no matter the distance. “It’s not about the looks and the money, it’s a mystery and it is for better for worse.” Awwwwwwwn.

This song is a 10/10 no doubt. From the vocals, we know Iyanya’s got it, production is on point like ladies on fleek, the lyrics tight like virgin. Lyrics on point, makes complete sense. You sef go know say no be freestyle. This was a way thought out and processed song.

Listen to this beautiful song and share your thoughts in the comment area.

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