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Congratulations – Mc Money (Audio)

Congratulations – Mc Money (Audio)

The song ‘Congratulations’ is the first official single from Mc Money. This song tells the day to day hustle of a typical Nigerian youth and the need to keep pushing

Mc Money (Original known as Abubabakar Ocheja) is a graduate of Theatre And Performing Arts, ABU Zaria. Writing music and singing has always been his passion and he has officially launched himself into the music seen with his first offical single ‘Congratulations.

Congratulations - Mc Money

The upcoming vibrant musician is an afro-reggae dancehall artist who hails from Kogi State, Nigeria.

This song is meant to encourage everyone who goes out daily for the hustle. It encourages everyone to put more effort in what they are doing and stay positive no matter the obstacles they might face on a daily basis.

“In the morning wake up and wash your body, go to the street and keep rolling. Don’t give a damn what people are saying. Make una calm down, no dey frown.”

“Never be a criminal, never do anything illegal.”This line clearly indicates that no matter the hustle, don’t get tangled up with shit.”

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You can call this one an inspirational, most reggae songs are anyway. Usually meant for reforms and sensitization.

I love the song, it’s not the regular song we hear every now and them. But like I always say…it can always be better.

The artist has potential and will grow if he keeps improving on what he has. You can find him on IG: @mcmoney89 and FB: Mc Money

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 7

Lyrics: 7

Vocals: 6

Production: 6

Overall Rating: 7

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