Dari Jimi – Sina Rambo (Audio)

Dari Jimi – Sina Rambo

Sina Rambo has dropped the visuals to his single ”Dari Jimi”. The song means ”Forgive Me” in Yoruba and tells the story of taking his lover for granted and eventually realizing the error of his ways. This latest record, titled ‘Dari Jimi’, shows Rambo’s versatility as he delivers a gangster romantic rap verse along with a unique instrumental with influences from Ghana and Jamaica by “FRESH”.
He must have been very desperate to get forgiveness from the one he must have hurt hence the creation of the song. It also could mean that the person he hurt in question must be of importance. I mean, really? Who goes out of their way to write, record and release a song for someone that didn’t matter to them? This definitely required some time, energy, thinking and sleepless nights. After all these, the one hurt had better forgive Sina for whatever he did.
The song is cool. It has that regular sort after beat to it which gives it a slow groove that you could lazily dance to while considering the thought of ‘forgiveness’.
The lyrics could somewhat be a bit lost in the beat and rhythm of the song if one does not pay close attention to get its lyrics. But from a close distance you can pick out the essence of the song from the voice that sings the melody and not the rap.


It reminds me of guys in saggy jeans and bling bling who just stumbled across fortune and are new in trying to put it out there. I can’t really feel depth for the song, it’s just a passing song that cant grab my attention.
But well, that’s my thought.

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