Feel Alright – Chuckie (Prod. by Sess)(Audio)

Feel Alright – Chuckie  (Prod. by Sess)(Audio)

This song ‘Feel Alright’ started with a sweet sound. I caught my attention right from the beginning and this song is supposed to be a freestyle. This means that it would have been doper if it was well thought out and produced. I still like though. Nice sound.

Chuckie is not exactly an upcoming artist anymore since he’s been going music for a while now (2014)

Talks about people who don’t want him to do better or make money, or feel alright. He said, who dem be where dem come from. No body can stop his shine he said.

Haven’t you heard? That even those who are wishing you well aren’t exactly saying it from their hearts. Truth is nobody wants you ahead of the in this life. That one na normal thing.

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The beat is cool and groovy, that song that has you wining slow and feeling very sensual. Would be nice for couples who wanna rock on the dance floor.

The voice is there and the production is on point. The content is not so consistent but that’s why it’s a freestyle.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 7

Lyrics: 7

Vocals: 7

Production: 7

Overall Rating: 7

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