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Give It To Me - Eugy ft YCee (AUdio) - JUKEBOX |

Give It To Me – Eugy ft YCee (AUdio)

Give It To Me – Eugy ft YCee

Give it to me by Eugy tf YCee is not such an awful song as one would think when you listen to it at first. You might just get discouraged and tuned off thinking its one of those worthless club hits (that’s if you’re not the club type). By the time you muster the desire to listen to the song beyond your assumption, you would then be saddled with the responsibility of straining your ears to be able to pick out the words and analyze the sentences to comprehend the general message behind the song. Then, it begins to make “a little” sense. But who would go through all these just to comprehend a song beyond its beat and rhythm?

It’s weird how we have come to a point that singers don’t care for the lyrics but the beats of their song. The weightier the beat the more it sells? It also scares me that we all listen to songs and do not pay close attention to the lyrics and it’s meaning. We do not stop to think of the implication of listening to and digesting the message or spirit behind a song. Like money, music is intoxicating. It has so much power than we ascribe to it. So when I listen to a song, it goes beyond beat and rhythm. I am thinking of what is getting into my soul. But nowadays, our world has come to know that most of us don’t bother for the message in the song. We all just want to groove and buggy. Grooving is good, I mean even the Bible says we should make merry……. and also give wine to him that has a failing heart but that’s not an excuse for laxity and drunkenness.

Yes! Go ahead and live life and buggy but please, do it with caution knowing that there is life after here.
Just my thoughts.

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Rating on a scale of 1 – 10

Beats: 5

Lyrics: 4.5

Sound: 6

Production: 5.5

General Rating: 5.2