Heart Breaking – Angel Tee ( Audio)

Heart Breaking – Angel Tee

Angel Tee’s love song Heart Breaking is a song that professes love and commitment to a partner. Its your very kind of romantic song that pulls strings in the heart of a partner. The lyrics are beautiful. He boldly declares his love and is not scared of commitment. He also reassures his lover that he will not give his lover a “heart breaking”. It’s the kind of song you sing to a lover when you are ready to move your relationship to a more serious and committed phase. The song is sang in Nigerian broken English. It can be easily understood by all as it’s lyrics don’t include complex words that bamboozle the brain.

The cover photo of the song is quite deceptive. Not having a previous knowledge of who Angel Tee is, one is tempted to think that Angel Tee is a lady. You will be so shocked when you listen to the song only to realise that “She” (on the cover phote) is a “He” (the actual singer).

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The beat has this African traditional effect to it with a mixture of subtle strings in the background. The production is good. You would want to listen to this song if you are too use to the regular foreign blues and fancy a change. Its a back to base kind of song. Speaks of a guy in the country side trying to woo a fair maiden. The maiden stealing glances at him but unable to voice out her hearts needs. She dreads the harsh consequences she will get from her parents when she gets home if she does give in. The singer is left with nothing else than to compose/sing a song pledging his love to get this maiden to accept him.

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Rating on a scale of 1 – 10

Beats: 5

Lyrics: 7

Sound: 4

Production: 6

General Rating: 5.2