Kilamity – Sugarboy ft Kiss Daniel (Audio)

Kilamity – Sugarboy ft Kiss Daniel

Sugarboy releases the first single “Kilamity” off his soon to be released debut album. Its a slow beat dance hall track featuring Kiss Daniel. The track which was produced by Luis AMG is a sample of what to expect on the BELIEVE album scheduled for release on the 22nd of April.

I just can’t get the message of the entire song. What does kilamity even mean? I like the fact that he uses creativity by inserting the word Kilamity into the song. Its nice. Even if you don’t like the song, the word Kilamity is imprinted on your brain and the anxiety to seek the definition of the word helps make the song popular. Not to mention that knowing the meaning could add to one’s vocabulary.

But I am still in the dark as I try to connect words and sentences to make a meaningful meaning to the song. it begins with a statement and question;

“whats the situation girl….

Adios to the girls…..

Carlos Siana…..”

Trying to link all the sentences together to get the entire meaning of the intro is difficult. Then he cuts off into a part of the song were he says “papa warned me about living the high life” which gives me the sense of a prodigal son retracing his path back to his father’s house. But he goes off talking about girls whining up waist for him and all what not. I just don’t get it.

The beat is okay. But what’s the use of a song with good beats void of meaningful or edifying message? Songs are meant to be heard and value added to the listener. One shouldn’t use music as a tool to pass negative messages into the world. its just so not fair.
I admire the creativity used in the song and how the singer tries to make the song unique by including his artistic personal touch to it but can we begin to have depth and meaning imbedded in the songs we sing? Can we begin to sing songs that give meaningful pleasure to the listeners? It would help to rid our society of some of the negativity we see everday.(My Thoughts)

Beats: 5

Lyrics: 2

Sound: 4

Production: 6

General Rating: 4.1

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