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Kpio Kpio Kpio – Mc Wizzy Ft Nas Tee (Prod TopAge) (Audio) - JUKEBOX |

Kpio Kpio Kpio – Mc Wizzy Ft Nas Tee (Prod TopAge) (Audio)

Kpio Kpio Kpio –  Mc Wizzy Ft Nas Tee

A Nigeria top Afrobeat dancehall star Mc Wizzy now doles out with Another Afrobeat dancehall rhythm Kpio Kpio Kpio Featuring Nas Tee ( Topage) Mix and master by Nas tee.

In this song he asks a question “Who is your daddy?” and also has an answer to the question which is; “I am your daddy, oya call me your daddy”.

I believe he wants this lady to understand that its not all about giving her money and she returning the favor by giving him her body, he can be her daddy (he can help her without sex) reason being that at some point he said “As you see me so, I no come here to maya”. whatever that means.

She may have looked up to him as daddy and requested for money for something that made him say “Because for your mind girl I be ATM machine”. Daddies actually give daughters what they want and you asked her to call you daddy, so provide as daddy. he went further to say; “but if you do well you go chop my money. I go, go jail if I touch your body”.

From my thoughts about the song; maybe his friend (Nas Tee) wanted her as his booty call. “You no know say the way you dey do me, I swear say you fine pass Funmi, I dey sweat o, omo you dey cool me; I cant wait for you to be my bootie”.

Its probably just me but I think Nas Tee sounded just like Tony Tetuila, they are probably cousins, lolz.

Conflicting lyrics if you ask me. In his words… Baby oku, my yori, yori water; She wan do me o, she no let me go…

In all, lovely party jam but if I’m looking for lyrics and meaning, there is no way I’m looking here.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 8
Lyrics: 2
Vocals: 5
Production: 7
Overall Rating: 7

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