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Mountain – Waje ft Lira (Audio)

Mountain – Waje ft Lira

The audio musical Mountain by Waje ft Lira is dope!!! Waje depicts this air of confidence and hard core in the face of challenges in some of her songs.

The beats of this particular song is filling, giving you that feeling that you can’t resist but just display a bold attitudinal dance. The song ignites a die-hard character, confident and bold demeanor from its listeners.
The lyrics are just perfect for the situations that befall us now a days. We live in times were people are jumping over into lagoons, involving in devilish get-rich-quick schemes etc. This inhuman displays won’t get one far. This song goes out to everyone who has a dream and it seems like your night is in a stream;
This song goes out to all who have been laughed at, jeered at, spat at, beat up, humiliated, betrayed, scorned, the pain is endless.
This song says, look past all the hurt and pain.
Look past all the shame and regret.
Look past all the fear and cares.
Look beyond here and now.
Just keep pushing.
Don’t give up.
Don’t let go.
Just live through it.

And always remember, if it stands in your way, push it out of the way.
If it comes from above, dodge.
If it creeps up from behind you, spring.
And if it won’t just let you be and it chooses to cling on, then drag it all the way, but never stop pushing or fighting or moving. Don’t let the storm stop you, keep going cause you have a race to win. You have to win the fight, you have to overcome.

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