Odoyewu – Iyanya (Audio)

Odoyewu – Iyanya

As Iyanya continues to find a way to boost his career, working with Don Jazzy’s Marvin Records might give him the positive boost needed in his career. The release of his latest EP ‘Signature’ has featured some popular tracks like ‘Hold On’ and ‘Up to Something.’ However, this review covers the song ‘Odoyewu’ which is also part of the recently released EP.
Odoyewu, like most songs produced by Don Jazzy showcases the expected quality. Odoyewu is a 4-minute love song, with optimum production quality and a nice melody to it. The song is suitable for the average listener because it utilises simple, catchy lyrics and has a beat that makes the listener want to dance. However, Iyanya, who is known for his amazing vocals, did not make much of an impression on this track. The lyrics lack depth and fail to convey the feelings or emotions of the artist. There are little logical connections between the different parts of the lyrics and thus, provides evidence to show that little thought was given to the writing of this song. The artist adopted a casual approach to this song with the use of catchy, cheesy words which contributed to the nice melody of the song in general. The song has a solid beat and an engaging rhythm. The dynamics of the beat make it a lovely tune to dance to anytime.

Odoyewu is an exciting jam, not necessarily one the listener hopes to derive much meaning from but yet guarantees entertainment. This song may not be one of the best songs ever written but has the potential to be a hit. Though it does not really stand out from other songs in the industry, it has the potential to be a hit. In my opinion, it is worth listening to anyway.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 6
Lyrics: 4
Vocals: 4
Production: 6
Overall Rating: 5

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