Play Play Love – Sasha Sleek Ft Onisco DJ (Audio)

Play Play Love – Sasha Sleek Ft Onisco DJ

Play Play Love by Sasha Sleek is a groovy love song. It is one of those songs you can dance to and stare deep into your lover’s eyes. What really has me coming back is the captivating chorus by Onisco DJ.

Sasha Sleek is a 23 year old lady who released her first official single at 19years of age. This song is definitely one for people to look out for. She has this sensational husky voice to match her alluring personality. Ready made celebrity I’ll say.

The song tells a love story. You know that kind of love that happens on you. It crawls on you like the dawn, you never see it coming. It also one lover telling the lover never to leave.

” The love weh we love e start like play play. And if you leave I don’t know how I go do with my life ooo.” Sweet something, I know cause love has happened on me before.

Nice jam really, good to listen to when you don’t wanna groove and when you choose to. Nice beats there and again I will say Onisco DJ killed it on the chorus, it was so bam.

The song tells a story, so it has content that was well thought out. Content that would make listeners reminisce on good old love days.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 6

Lyrics: 7

Vocals: 8

Production: 7

Overall Rating: 7

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