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Sare Wa – Danny Dreams (Audio)

Sare Wa – Danny Dreams

Danny Dreams does groove my mind with his song ‘Sare Wa’. The play on tune he uses as the introduction of the song has a scintillating way of pulling one into the song before lyrics even begin to set in. In his lyrics, he isn’t using harsh words or phrases to state his point. He uses several mild figures of speech to express himself in this song. It does show that he put in a bit of work into this song. Metaphorically, he likens the subject of his song to both positive and negative forces. This is evidently seen when he says;

“You set like an angel…….

Your eyes are so devilish….

To do Police and robbers…”

I may not be able to expressly explain why he instills both negative and positive comparison for his songs main subject (Sare Wa) but he certainly does want the personality in the song to stop showing off and just give in to him. This personality he terms ‘Sare Wa’, who happens to be the reason of the song.

From all his description and the title of the song one can depict that the song ‘Sare Wa’ a term from Yoruba language, was composed for a female gender.

The sound and beat is good. You should listen to the song to also get your own meaning to the song.

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Rating on a scale of 1 – 10

Beats: 7

Lyrics: 6.5

Sound: 6

Production: 8

General Rating: 6.9