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Suzanna – Glenn Mena (Audio)

Suzanna – Glenn Mena

My first thought was that Glenn Mena is a lady. Looking at the cover photo and his name, i just assumed that he must have been a beautiful lady. You can begin to imagine my surprise when i downloaded the song and heard a male voice. I went over again to check to be sure that i hadnt imagined that the song featured a male singer in it. Shockingly, I patiently listened till the end of the song only to be left hanging. At the end of the song, I discovered that Suzanna is Glenn Mena singing for his love Suzanna. But unlike some subtle romantic songs, this is a bit rash. Glenn uses phrases like;

“I want to touch something…..

de way you dey wine am,

de way you dey roll am/put it down…..”

These phrases might depict a lady dancing erotically to arouse her lover to action. Considering that love should be sacred, these phrases and arousing erotic acts would be out of place to public hearing/sighting.

I need to commend  the clarity in the lyrics of the song. You cant miss a word of what the song says or portrays. The beats are okay but not anything rare or out of this world. Just your regular club house fancied beat.

If you fancy depth and abhor flings, this is not your song. If your love the high life, then go ahead and enjoy.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 4
Lyrics: 4
Vocals: 3
Production: 6
Overall Rating: 4.3

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