Jazzman – A-Q (Audio)

 Jazzman – A-Q

Real name: Gilbert Bani. Genre: Rap/ Hip Hop. started his music career at the age of 12.
A-Q has grown to become an artist to be reckoned with in the last 2years, he has shown diversity in his music and has also shown that against all odds a hip-hop career in Nigeria is sustainable.

In this Disco song by A-Q he unveils his status as a Jazzman that probably gets anything he wants, he unfortunately did not explain how he became a Jazzman.

What an intro. I first thought I was playing the wrong track because it started like one hot Yoruba gbedu then I decided to exercise some level of patience, What i heard next swept me off my feet; I heard the word “Jazzman”.

If you love and miss disco, then you should consider the Jazzman.
A-Q, if you wanted to create suspense in the beginning, be rest assured that you succeeded in doing that. Abeg cpme turn air into money for me o! Recession when dey rock the area Jazzman.

I love the end part of the track as well.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 8
Lyrics: 8
Vocals: 8
Production: 8
Overall Rating: 7

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