Deserve More – Mateo Vic @mateovic Ft Phalu (Video)

Deserve More – Mateo Vic @mateovic Ft Phalu

Mateo Vic did not consider doing this fresh piece of work alone as he features Phalu in his new  single ‘Deserve More’. The pair seem to always combine greatly together.

You deserve a man to hold you down, you deserve a man to make you smile… He don’t really know your worth,
“Girl you fine, you shine like sun flower, you never thought the sweet love could ever turn soar…
He went further to take a Que from the Bible; “Your body is a temple he don’t know your Church or your Mosque or your shrine girl… all he does is come around and waste your time girl”…

Mateo Vic in this new track expresses displeasure in the way this lady is treated by another guy and lets her know she deserves more and he can be that more she deserves. He even says he wants to be her Superman.

Meteo Vic’s expressive way of showing how she should be treated like a queen goes further when the other guy pushes her down and doesn’t even care.

I don’t think any woman should be treated rudely in the world, not because I am one, but because women always go the extra mile to take care of men.

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My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 8
Lyrics: 8
Vocals: 8
Production: 8
Overall Rating: 8

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