Egwu Nga – Peace Pacifik (Audio)

Egwu Nga – Peace Pacifik

No hard feelings but as I listen to this song I am a hundred percent sure that I will be a hit when I release my song.

But then I remember what the Bible says,

“the race is not to the swift nor battle to the strong nor bread to them of knowledge…”,

then I realise that anything is possible.

I mean if Nigeria could have a one time rib cracking and mind shocking comedian as First Lady of the Federation, what can’t happen in this world again?

Lets get back to talking about the song Egwu Nga before I go off point talking about things I know nothing about(lol).

My first point of attack is, why do most musicians begin their song by saying ” Its your boy/girl ………..” and they go off mentioning their gender/name in the song for an introduction. Did anyone ask for their name or gender? Why do you have to advertise your name/gender? When one is famous, you wont need to introduce yourself, people will introduce you. Not to mention that the way its applied in this song sounds a bit lame except if your target audience are people living in the country side. I am so sure that this song was composed for the Igbo tribe because the song majorly has Igbo Language in it. which makes it difficult for non Igbo speaking people to comprehend.

The lyrics aren’t much and can be easily understood. The general message in the song is come and dance. Its a song that makes a call for people to dance. The beat is fair.

Generally I think that the song is a good song but dependent on the target audience.

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Beats: 3

Lyrics: 3.5

Sound: 4

Production: 3.5

General Rating: 3.2