Gimme That – King Gaya Ft Gbasky (Prod by Echo)

Gimme That – King Gaya Ft Gbasky (Prod by Echo)

King Gaya has again showed his rap and lyrical skills on this joint with Gbasky, nailing the hook with great vocals.

Another rap love song, Gimme That, compliment the lady with the sickest yet captivating lines every lady wants to hear.

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Excellent beats which King Gaya made sure he killed. The use of the keyboard flow throughout the song was exceptional, especially at the climax. Gbasky’s take on the bridge/verse three was lovely. It brought a different dimension to the song. It showed that even an R&B talent like Gbasky can kill the same beat and still give you a run for your money.

Gimme That - King Gaya Ft Gbasky (Prod by Echo)

Every dope dude out there should take a cue from the lyrics of Gimme That if he wants to blow the mind of his girl with words….but don’t try to pull this trick on me *winks*

I hope King Gaya is working on the video of this song.

A rap and Hip-hop song that is so exhilarating yet so relaxing. I mean, you don’t get to have two in one everyday but King Gaya and Gbasky just gave us that in Gimme that.

Gimme That is from King Gaya’s album, Blunt Culture.

King Gaya’s lyrics are on point, Gbasky’s vocals on point too. Cool beats. For me, this is a table tapper.

I give it an 8/10.

Go download and listen to give your ratings.

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