Hold On – Mac Roc Ft Emmasings (Prod by Mac Roc)

Hold On – Mac Roc Ft Emmasings (Prod by Mac Roc)

Hold on is another excellent piece from the brilliant producer Mac Roc featuring Emmasings. This inspirational song will leave you strengthened as well as satisfied that you have listened to something rare.

I think Hold on is rare. We don’t get to hear something like this everyday. An inspirational song in electro beat? Most electro songs are for the club house but in this case, Mac Roc gives us beats to dance and jump to as well as get inspired. “Hold on, things are working for your good, be strong, it’s only for a while”.

Hold On - Mac Roc Ft Emmasings (Prod by Mac Roc)

The overall beat and sound is like something straight out of a David Guetta studio. I hope he is Mac Roc’s mentor. Hold on is a feel good music, from start to finish. You wont get bored if you put your player on auto replay.

Emmasings vocals is top-notch. High pitched when needed and relaxing when its supposed to. Well done!

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My fear though, this kind of song, as good as it sounds, is not a regular in our home turf. So, in essence, I hope this beautiful work gets as much recognition as it deserves. Hold on is an outside the box and a job well done. Mac Roc is known for his outside the box production anyway.  Well done mister producer.

Again, thank you for bringing us words of encouragement in this song. when you have Mac Roc composing and producing and Emmasings on the vocals, what you get is a Hold on experience. Epic…Thumbs up guys, great job.

I don’t why I should not give a 9/10 to Hold on in my ratings. Well, click the link below to listen and download, then you can also give your ratings.

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