Intentionally Woman – Ogecha (Prod by Mystro)

Intentionally Woman – Ogecha (Prod by Mystro)

There is no better gift for you to celebrate the international women’s day than to download and listen to “Intentionally Woman”, an intentionally beautiful song from the amazing Nigerian- born inspirational songstress Ogecha and produced by the amazing Mystro.

I would describe this beautiful R&B piece as perfect and it could compete effortlessly with any of such songs. The message would intentionally inspire every woman who listen, to take on the world, irrespective of how she is born. It celebrates women who in-spite of their backgrounds and challenges they face have made deliberate choices to succeed in their chosen paths.

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Intentionally woman also inspires other women all around the world to get up and take the steps necessary to make the best out of the life God has given them. The timely message in this song is highly commendable because it encourages women to be more and be more.

The songstress Ogecha refers to women who are attaining notable and outstanding feats in life as “Intentionally Woman”. ¬†These women are taking on the world without fear and therefore deserve to be celebrated on a day like this and even beyond.

Intentionally Woman - Ogecha (Prod by Mystro)

Intentionally woman is a soul lifter. Inspired by the life of Nigeria’s foremost female enterprise communicator, Dayo Bejamins-Laniyi, a strong woman who has worked her way to the top. Ogecha described her as a mentor, friend and a mother and an inspiration to many women.

From the lyrics to the beats, the vocals to the delivery is just an amazing journey. Mystro did an amazing job. Well done mister producer.

It is a good day to be #Intentionally Woman. So, get going, download, listen to Intentionally Woman by Ogecha and begin to embrace this life that God has given you. Be the best you are created to be.

Happy international women’s day.

my rating is 9/10. What’s yours?

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