Jessay – Bar Rage 1.0 (Produced by Jay Pro)

Jessay – Bar Rage 1.0 (Produced by Jay Pro)

Wait! Bar rage 1.0 is a freestyle rap from the cool Afro urban rap artist Jessay and produced by Jay Pro. It’s really hard to actually believe that this is a freestyle. I mean, its not every day that a potential hit single comes in a freestyle. Originality is what you enjoy here in this freestyle. His lines are natural, real and rhythmic.


Jessay - Bar Rage 1.0 (Produced by Jay Pro)

Jessay spits a hip-hop beat that is not too heavy but straight up dope. Word play is good, delivery on point. He even added a little R&B vocal flavor and also a little pidgin English to show originality. The usage of some fine metaphors like “more sprints than races” and others are just on point. Thumbs up to mister producer, Jay Pro, for the beats and a very big well done to Jessay for making all of his words count on a freestyle.

” I do it for the money and the fame, I do it ¬†for the love of the game, I do it for the call on my name, I do it for the hoes who are flames, for the hall of the fame” ¬†sounded like someone who just fell out of a Kendrick Lemar’s book.

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Jessay is a new school swavey Afro urban rapper. The premier champion of Wazobia TV/Cool FM’s Rap Nation and the current champion of Planet TV’s Planet Rookie. Jessay’s love for sounds and the thirst to make them started from way back in his Junior secondary school days, where he began to compose his own lyrics.

Jessay is most definitely something to watch out for in the Nigerian music scene. And I look forward to it.

I will give this Jessay’s freestyle track produced by Jay Pro an 8/10. You can download the song and listen, then let me know your ratings.

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