Jfranz – Iyanga Ft Peezy Arigwe (Prod. by Cypresshit)

Jfranz – Iyanga Ft Peezy Arigwe (Prod. by Cypresshit)

Iyanga by Jfranz is an afro hip-hop gospel song of thanksgiving and confidence in God.  Featuring Peezy Arigwe, this great song was produced by Cyresshit and officially released in February 2017.

The title “Iyanga” is a Nigerian pidgin English word which describe flamboyance, talks about the confidence to live life in grand style because of the blessings and faithfulness of God.

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The message of this praise song Iyanga by Jfranz is one that every one could relate with. The blessings of God are numerous and for every grateful heart, Iyanga is a great way to say thank you to God and also to brag about the faithfulness of God. The psalmist say, “I will make my boast in the Lord”. So, is the message of Iyanga.

The lyrics are in pidgin English which literally every average Nigerian understands. The Ibo language was interjected to hail God for a job well done but because good music transcend language barrier, a listener would have no difficulty in interpreting the lyrics.

Jfranz - Iyanga Ft Peezy Arigwe (Prod. by Cypresshit)

The beat of Iyanga would get you dancing from the very first second you hit play. Jfranz’ choice of Afro hi-hop style further adds flavor to the message.  You can’t listen to Iyanga and remain in one spot as the beat will surely get the listener grooving. The sounds and the beats are in harmony and capable of creating the right vibes.

The vocals for Jfranz is fairly okay. Jfranz hit the right notes and sustained that all through the song. of course, there is room for improvement to push for that Tenor that leaves listeners permanently in mode nine. Peezy’s vocals is perfect. It has the right energy and vibes.

Jfranz, born James Agbai is a rising gospel musician, song writer, director and producer based in Abuja, Nigeria.

download and listen to Iyanga and let me know what you think.


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