Ju Dice – MartinsFeelz @martinsfeelz (Prod. by Topage) (Audio)

Ju Dice – MartinsFeelz

This single Ju Dice by MartinsFeelz is created mainly for the dance floor. The song Ju Dice is actually a description of a dance step. It simply describes the dance moves to the listeners.

The beat is one you must certainly get up and dance to. I wish I understood precisely what was being said, I think the youruba speaking people are the main targets for this song. But I also think that anyone could dance to this in a club without understanding the meaning.

I can’t wait for the video of this sing to be released. Word had has it that a dance competition will be done with this song. I am seriously waiting to see how it goes that.

That’s to say, if you are a dancer, download this song and start rehearsal already. I am guessing that the prize for this competition will be huge.

I am not a good dancer, so I will campaigning for anyone who appeals to me most.

[zoomsounds_player source=”https://www.naija.fm/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/JU-DICE.mp3″ config=”footer-wave” playerid=”238364″ thumb=”https://d1e4rhrxq1vczl.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/09110636/Martins-Feelz-610×720.jpg” autoplay=”off” cue=”on” enable_likes=”off” enable_views=”off” songname=”JU DICE” artistname=”MartinsFeelingz”]

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:

Beats: 9

Lyrics: 7

Vocals: 8

Production: 9

Overall Rating: 8.25

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