Mama – Shockah (Audio)

Mama – Shockah

Shockah uses his song Mama as a tribute to all the beautiful mothers worldwide.

The song is cool and readily brings to mind one of Nigeria’s old but famous song Sweet Mother. Although this one has a different beat from the former. One similar quality is that both songs are appreciating mothers and describing the unique and selfless sacrifices of motherhood. The song is soft and can be easily understood by mothers in different localities. He uses the English Language predominantly and inserts a bit of traditional exclamations in a place or two. His language may be considered as being not too complex but it depends on the listener. He professes his devote love to his Mama, saying all the things he will do for his mum. He will spoil her cause he has the money to lavish on his mum. This could largely be a result of the pain, hardship and stress that mothers go through in caring for their children.

Aboye – Tonye

The beat is good and the rhythm can be easily grooved on by our mothers young and elderly. The inter-twining of words and the mixture of different languages makes it a bit difficult to decipher the entire message in the song.

My rating (1 – 10) on the track:
Beats: 5
Lyrics: 6
Vocals: 3
Production: 6
Overall Rating: 5

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