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Red Eye Rasta [real name – Nitte Kume] chose to encompass a sort of alter ego that uses music as a tool to get his thoughts across; he describe himself as an introvert, so being Red Eye Rasta yields him an avenue/approach to speak out and share his thoughts on how he feels about certain issues – the struggles he’s had to go through and the story of his life’s journey, whilst giving room to make music people can relate to, hence building a connection with his Hoi polloi [in other words, his audience/assemblage]. Presently a part of the TopNotch Music Group movement, which is home to artistes he considers more than just friends but brothers, he’s been working on music for over 8 years, paying close attention to the greats and also his music mentors, likewise harnessing his skills tardily and in a steady manner; following his time-out in the shadows, Red Eye Rasta is gearing up to release his d├ębut mix-tape which sees “Feeling Myself” as the 1st single off it – the mix-tape, titled “Memoirs Of The Unorthodox,” has 16 tracks and features Rap/Vocal performances by Trick, Toby and Blvck Sheep Shepard [“Blvck” is pronounced as Black], with production and sound engineering from Speroach Beatz and GreenDiezel.

“Memoirs Of The Unorthodox” basically is an attempt to portray this sort of unorthodox lifestyle which preaches non-conformity, in the sense that every man should have a right to decide his own destiny and not be subject to the pressures of the system; Red Eye Rasta also employed social commentary to talk about the happenings in our society, and addresses them as he sees them. The mix-tape would also serve as a medium to tell stories of his life, the ups and downs, the smiles and frowns with support from artistes he grew up with so they can practically relate and tell the story from their views as well; listen up and share your thoughts on the 1st single off this project, the Speroach Beatz produced “Feeling Myself.” | ENJOY!!!

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